BRIGHT Foundation

four young children with brain injuries

Your support will help find a cure.

BRIGHT is the only Brain Injury organization dedicated foremost to finding a cure.

Welcome to! This website is an informational portal for the BRIGHT Foundation, and a gateway to our other projects and BRIGHT is a 501 (c )( 3) corporation that is already operational and self funded, but limited in scope. We are 100% volunteer. We are parents and caregivers of the Brain Injured, and we are focused on finding a cure for disabilities related to brain injuries.

BRIGHT is UNIQUE. No organization is taking, or is capable of taking advantage of this unique opportunity of bringing together experts cross disciplines… BRIGHT is leading the way! Our scientific advisors and our parent members are convinced that we are at a turning point in history. Only today has the confluence of science, technology and parent involvement come together to allow radical improvements in outcomes.

Our long term goal is to dramatically improve the outcome of the brain injured in the next five years, and to eliminate brain injury disability like Cerebral Palsy and Autism with-in 15 years. Your support will help find a cure. Learn how you can donate, or get involved today.