SAB – Science Advisory Board

Janice E. Brunstrom, MD  Director of the Pediatric Neurology Cerebral Palsy Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital

Neville Hogan, PhD of MIT and a pioneer in Robotic Assisted therapy

Michael V. Johnston, M.D. the Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer at Kennedy Krieger Institute, as well as director of both KKI’s Division of Neurology & Developmental Medicine and KKI’s Neuroscience Laboratory

Doug Kondziolka, MD, of the U of Pittsburgh who has successfully conducted the worlds first neural brain cell implantation

Dennis Matthews, MD Chair and Medical Director of Denver Children’s Hospital Rehabilitation Center

Mike Merzenich, PhD a leader in Plasticity research and the founder of the company that developed FastForward learning software.

Lucy Miller, PhD Associate Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine and Pediatrics U.C.H.S.C.

Jonathan Mink, M.D.,Ph.D. of University of Rochester, the chief of the division of Pediatric Neurology at Strong Children’s Hospital anda leader in Pediatric Movement Disorders

Terry Sanger, MD, PhD of the Stanford Medical Center a leader in Pediatric Movement Disorders

Marsha Seltzer, PhD Director of the Weisman Center at the U of Wisconsin, Madison

Clive Svendsen, PhD Director of Stem Cell research at the U of Wisconsin, Madison

Ed Taub, PhD of the U of Alabama and a pioneer in CE Therapy

Esther Thelen, PhD Professor of Psychology at the University of Indiana and a leader in applied Dynamic Systems Theory

Bev Ulrich, PhD Dean of the Division of Kinesiology at the U of Michigan and a leader in applied Dynamic Systems Theory

Nathan Urban, PhD of Carnegie Mellon University who research includes detailed study of the how the brain transforms inputs from a computational sense.

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