BRIGHT’s Approach

Our foundation is organized into two main focuses:

1.) Treatment – The BRIGHT Project is dedicated to applying cutting edge Treatment.

We are in the early stages of talking to a well known national non-profit organization. If both our objectives and principles are complimentary, the BRIGHT Project may be approved to become an official program of the well know organization. We believe this approach is most advantageous because it quickly allows us to achieve non-profit status, it assists us in meeting our objectives of providing cutting edge treatment and it leverages the outstanding resources available from the main organization. We will keep you posted on this exciting possibility.

2.) Research & Outreach – Here we are utilizing this website to help educate and promote effective research. Also, we hope to find a way to cooperate with other established organizations in order to accelerate our collective impact. Our hope is that we can all work together in harmony for the benefit of our children.

Research: We hope to cooperate with Children’s Neuro -Biological Solutions who’s objective is to focus on cutting edge research in such promising fields as Stem Cell Implantation.

Outreach: We hope to cooperate with CHASA, The Pediatric Stroke Network and other similar organizations.

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