Cerebral Palsy Doesn’t Stop the Wrestler


Lucas Vialpando an American boy who was born with cerebral palsy , and like other sufferers, he doesn’t have the full use of his legs, so he can’t walk without crutches. But what we didn’t expected is that he managed to become a wrestler, he qualified and participated in a top high school wrestling tournament, even through Lucas didn’t win the game, it doesn’t stop his step of chasing wrestling dream.
Countless people tell him that he will never be able to wrestle, but it seems that Lucas was not bothered by those word, he overcame the difficulties and proved them wrong.
He said that his dream is to inspire the Olympic Committee to bring wrestling to the Paralympic Games, he is so optimistic that people says that he himself is the definition of positive.
Lucas visted the US National Wrestling Team in Colorado Springs, he also met a coach from the team, he always says that: “There is no better feeling than to get out there and succeed no matter what level you are at.”
We will see an excellent wrestler in the near future.

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