Cerebral Palsy—She is My Delicate Flower, Just Blooms a Little Slowy

In the home of Yuzhong district, Chongqing,China. Su Meide was standing in the living room telling stories to the guests, her words is is very vivid and the pronunciation is standard. It’s hard to believe that De was diagnosed with Severe cerebral palsy when she was born.
In the past 17 years, De’s parents and grandparents paid Unimaginable hardships, in order to teach De to speak a word, they need to Repeat it for over 100 times. De never spoke a word before the age of two, but her grandma didn’t give up, little by little, De can repeat the last word of a poem, one day before her third birthday, De suddenly spoke her first word “grandma is a rocking chair”, and the whole family was delighted and cried with joy. De cannot sit up before the age of 7, and last year, she can walk by herself after professional treatment.
What’s the power that support them to stick out for 17 years, it’s De’s efforts and progress. This loving family was recently named “ the most beautiful family” by Chongqing government.
Her mother always says that De is like a little delicate flower to her, she just blooms a little slowly.
De and Her Loving Family

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