Cerebral Palsy – When To Call a Doctor

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Call 911 or other emergency services if your child with cerebral palsy (CP):

Is having problems breathing.
Chokes during feeding and you are not able to dislodge the food.
Call a doctor right away if:
Your child has a seizure for the first time.
If you have a child diagnosed with CP, call your doctor if your child has:

A seizure (if it is the first time, call your doctor or seek care right away).
Constipation that isn’t relieved by home treatment.
Skin irritation that isn’t getting better, starts to bleed or weep fluid, or causes pain.
Feeding problems that aren’t relieved by home treatment, such as:
A pattern of coughing and choking during feeding. If food is inhaled into the lungs, it increases the risk of pneumonia.
Trouble chewing, along with weight loss or complaints of being hungry.
Frequent accidents that threaten your child’s safety.
Other signs of complications. These may include bladder control problems, bleeding gums, or an increase in joint stiffness.
If you have cerebral palsy and you are pregnant, talk with a doctor about how CP can affect your pregnancy and delivery.

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