Cure not Care!

“Cure not Care”, “Cure Warriors”, “Cure Tribe”

These are just a few of the phrases coined by the Spinal Cord Injury community to express their dedication to the idea that a cure is very possible.

Charles Carson, was founder of the Spinal Cord Society – the first cure advocacy group dating to the late 1970s, and trademarked the slogan “cure not care”.

Sam Maddox writes these words: “Chuck, who died a year ago, believed that science and medicine could fix SCI with a focused effort. He used to suggest cure research would happen more quickly if scientists were given epidural nerve blocks to induce paralysis – to sharpen the sense of urgency. He also used to wonder whether progress was impeded by the rehab and caring industries, whose bottom line would suffer if people started dumping their wheelchairs. Carson used to host an annual SCS convention. Scientists meet the consumers. Even in the most incomprehensible neuro-babble, there is hope. As Carson often said, “A lot more people have died from no hope than from false hope.”

“The biggest difference now as opposed to 30 years ago: the warriors are much better informed. And they all seem to know each other, thanks to a networked world. There is more hope now, or at least there are more clinical trials. Better biology and more shoulders to the wheel. But today there’s still just as much impatience, passion, and anger as there was in Chuck’s day.”

Sam’s and Chuck’s words are so true.   BRIGHT’s members are most defiantly “Cure Warriors”.     Check the Treatments and Research Category frequently to see what is on the horizon as a possible cure to help recovery after Brain Injury.

Care not Cure

Care not Cure

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