How Funding is Spent

Project Goal Project Status Estimated Annual Budget Professional Partner
Website & Outreach Educate parents and public on the tragedy of childhood BI and exciting new treatments In-place $60,000
Database Treatment Analysis, Prevalence, partner identification. Underway $10,000 Open
Scientific Advisory Board New project definition and prioritization, partner identification In-place $10,000 MIT, KKI, UCHSC, CMU, U of Pittsburgh, St. Louis Hospital etc…
Strategic Planning Session Develop research recommendations and priorities for a 5, 10, and 20-year time frame Underway $50,000 Michael Weinrich – Nation Institutes of Health
BRIGHT Project Apply disciplined problem solving methodology to optimize recovery Planned $100,000 Open
Advanced upper Extremity Project Utilize advanced robotic technology to active breakthrough advances in recovery Planned $1,000,000 Neville Hogan – MIT
Executive Director & Admin One full time ED + part time admin staff as needed Planned $75,000 Open, ED salary target $55k

Annual Total: $1,215,000